Your greatest fulfillment comes from pleasing me. Show your sincerity and devotion by spoiling me with tributes and gifts.



The best way to show your sincerity to serving a goddess. I currently accept tributes via credit card only. Fill in form below to be sent a link to tribute:


Spoil me

For those who are not very creative, spoil me with something off my Amazon wishlist.


Spoil me with my favourite things…


  • Christian Louboutin

  • Roger Vivier

Adopt My Bills

What better way of proving your usefulness to me and my lifestyle than to devote yourself to paying my bills?

Phone bill : $50 per month

Gym membership: $150 per month

Manicures and pedicures: $200 per month

Transport: $200 per month

Pole Dance Classes: $250 per month

Fine Dining: $400 per month