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For you have entered the domain of Mistress Estella, professional dominatrix based in Singapore.

If you are new to BDSM, I will show you the true way to worship a goddess.

For advanced players, I am demanding and expect nothing but the best.

Upcoming Tours

Jakarta, Indonesia, 19-21 July (ENDED)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, TBC

Hong Kong, TBC

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Step into my world…

Dear Mistress Estella,
Thank you for the opportunity to meet you today. I am privileged and honored. thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our meeting and several times during our meeting, became speechless. I still cannot find the right and best words to describe how amazingly talented you are. Intelligent. Sensually beautiful. To die for. Your purring mocking mind controlling words hypnotizing through out the session.
— Slave J

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Dear Mistress Estella,
I am still sorting everything that has happen yesterday from the start till the end. Yesterday’s session was intensifying, electrifying, awesome, breath taking yet breathless at the same time... I think you know what I mean. My character is more domineering by nature and always taking charge. But yesterday... I felt helpless and not in control, and at the same time, very humiliated and degraded, but excited at the same time too... The smell from your heels, stocking feet and your feet still linger in my nose and my mind... I am very happy to break my virginity with you yesterday. I felt happy, honored and privileged to serve you yesterday. I love the way you gave me time and was patient with me, calming me down. The way you guided me into it was slick and smooth, I could see the professionalism and the passion that you have. I realize that I really did not do a great job on your high heels, I guess I would need to arrange a session with you to clean your high heels again with my tongue
— G, shoe cleaner