Learn more about the fetishes I enjoy and cater to below.

Hard limits:

  • No intimate contact of me

  • No worship of intimate areas

I’m delighted to know I’m in good hands to share this experience of the darker side of human psyche with someone who knows how to operate on the deeper level of cognitive process. Now that I’ve met you, I have to say my intuition and instinct are well guided. The nuances you applied in facilitating the craft is definitely up there with few of the best.
— JJ

Anal Play - Pegging, Anal training, fisting, etc

Submit to me in the most intimate and vulnerable way possible by allowing me to own you fully, inside and out. Armed with a large array of dildos, vibrators and strap-ons, I will penetrate you to the very core of your being.



My slender legs and feet pack a surprising punch, whether in heels, in boots, or bare. As you bowl over in pain, listening to my cruel, mocking laugh, you marvel at how easily I can hurt you in your precious manhood.


Surrender control of your body to me. With ropes and cuffs, I will restrain your movement in all different manners. Never will you be so aware of your body and each movement you can or cannot make.


Taking your breath away, literally… I will control every aspect of you, even when you’re allowed to breathe. Using my hands, elbow chokes, headscissors and facesitting (see below), I will extract every gasp from you.


You need me to control that incessant masturbation so that you will only think about me, all day. Enquire about my special chastity program… Perfect for long distance slaves.

Cock and Ball Torture

Surrender your prized jewels to me to be tormented and subjected to exquisite pain. For beginners to the art of suffering for my pleasure, I am able to dial the intensity down to slowly feed your addiction. For advanced players, my devilish imagination and wide array of tools will test your limits.

Electro Play

The easiest way to be shocked into a sensory overload. I have some truly unusual electro-play tools in my arsenal which will satisfy even the most hardcore electro slut. Watch as I shock your nipples, genitals, other tender parts of you, but most of all, your mind. The sizzling in the air is real, and you a mere conduit for the power I wield.


Can you handle my magnificent, toned, meaty ass on your face? You will want to breathe in nothing else but the scent of my lovely ass.

*Farts - additional tribute required

Relish my stinky, smelly farts, right up your nose. Bury your nose into my ass and inhale…

Forced Bi - Advance notice required

So, you’re a slut who wants to suck cock and gets his cock sucked. A different level of depravity, and especially delicious when combined in play with many other fetishes.

Golden Shower - On body or in mouth

Be my toilet and lay in shame and filth as I piss all over you. Or, drink it straight from the source as you look up in reverie, receiving blessings from a goddess like me.


My slender legs belie a great strength. My soft smooth thighs envelope your neck, luring you into a false sense of security and sensuality, until the second where they trap you in a death grip and leave your gasping for air. As you gaze up into my eyes and mouth words of mercy, I laugh extract gasps from you over, and over, and over.



You need to remember your place beneath me. Crawl around on all fours, beg me, be chastised. In front of me, you are but a mere servant, a slave, a lowly creature.

Impact Play

Surrender your bottom to me as my various implements, capable of both pleasure and pain, leave their mark on your supple, taut cheeks. I am able to wield canes, whips, paddles, floggers and more, and in my hands you will see how these implements can be sensually seductive or sadistically strict. Or choose to experience the sweet sting of my bare hand against your sensitive bottom.




The ultimate form of bondage. All wrapped up and nowhere to go while I have my way with you, torturing you, teasing you, and more…


Nails - natural, long, sharp and deadly

The most dangerous weapon in the world are a woman’s nails.

Nipple play / torture

Watch my long, slender fingers brush across your sensitive nipples and see them quiver… until I dig my nails in them. Armed with a variety of clamps, clips, and more, feel exquisite pain and pleasure in my hands.

Pet Play

Who’s a good boy? Let all your worries and troubles go, and think only of following my commands like the good doggie you are. Learn and perform tricks to impress me, drink from your dog bowl and be paraded around on a leash while wagging your little tail.

Public Play / Exhibitionism / Blackmail fantasy

Bring a little taboo into your daily life. From simple fetish lunches and dinners, tying your naked body and leaving you on a balcony for the world to see your shame, exposing your naked body to the world, subtle domination during shopping, an outing in full sissification, or something more extreme, scenarios can be carefully negotiated within reason.


Live out your wildest, most depraved fantasies with me in a safe space. No scenario is too taboo in my hands… Scenarios will be discussed before hand and costumes/attire fitting the roleplay prepared.

School: Teacher student

Fantasize about your strict school teacher reprimanding you for your poor behaviour. Or, be the teacher, and be bullied and taken advantage of by a bratty student.

Office: boss employee

Your demanding, fierce lady boss wants to see you in her office, right now. Or, be blackmailed by your hot employee into doing everything, exactly the way she orders you to…


Come in for an examination with the sexiest doctor you have ever seen. As I snap my latex gloves on, you cower in fear at the thorough examination you are about to receive…

Any other

Confess to me your deepest, darkest desires.

*Scat / Full Toilet training - Additional Tribute required

Consuming and desiring the very waste I flush down the toilet without a moment’s hesitation makes you the lowest of the low in the slave hierarchy. If you enjoy looking at a shapely woman's ass, the scent of a woman's ass, the idea of being coerced or coaxed to eat something that came from inside of your Goddess or being the fixture to dispose of the waste of your Goddess. Toilet slavery is one of the ultimate forms of humiliation, degradation and submission. I can think of no deeper way a slave can submit to me than to open wide and to receive my gifts.


You know the female gender is superior, but you’ll never be as superior as I am even if you tried. Femininity is an art. But I know your deepest overwhelming desire is to be My little slut. I’ll dress you up in the sexiest, sleaziest outfits and you’ll learn how to suck and fuck, using all the holes you have like a good little whore. Maybe one day I’ll even be able to make some money off your skanky ass. Gone are the days of button-down shirts, slacks and ugly ties that feel more like a noose than office attire; from now on you will only wear frilly lace panties with the shortest sluttiest dresses that I can find for you.


You didn’t think I could violate you more, but watch as my deft hand violates your urethra with my variety of sounds. Be absolutely mindfucked as I penetrate you where you never thought was possible.

Small penis humiliation

You know it, I know it, we can both see it. That is a pathetic excuse of a cock, and only exists for my amusement. But hey, at least be glad that this little fetish of yours gets its own section on my site. It is rare for any woman to take notice of something so small, much less a goddess like me, so be thankful that I even bother.


Consume my spit sensually dripping from my lips, or be humiliated by a huge, wet glob, forcefully spat on a lowlife like you. You would beg to feel my warm, wet spit dripping down your face.

tease & denial / jerk off instruction / orgasm control / edging / ruined orgasms

You crave for me, but yet are so painfully cognizant that I am forever unattainable, beyond your reach. Relish in your mental torture and anguish of forever being denied by me. If you’re a good boy, I may even instruct you on how to stroke your cock to my every command, and stop you just as you thought you would get some pleasure… And then ruin your orgasm mercilessly, because that’s all a little slut like you deserves.



Armpit Worship

Get up close and personal with my musky scent and sweet taste after a long day by worshipping a very erotic part of my body. Soft, smooth and white, your tongue begs to caress every inch.

Boot Worship

Worship my dangerously shiny boots. Lace them, lick them, run your face along the leather…

Foot/Leg Worship

My beautiful feet with long shapely toes, soft soles, perfect manicure and high arches are demanding. Pamper them with a massage, or clean them with your tongue.

Heel Worship

I favour thin, dangerous stilettos, and I know just how much they make your heart race. Get down on your knees and polish them for me.

Stocking Worship

My silky smooth nylons feel so erotic. Bury your face in them, help me put them on and take them off.

Sweat worship* - Additional Tribute required

Use your filthy tongue to lick off every drop of sweat from my fit, toned body, post exercise. Taste the saltiness and musk…