Beautiful with an icy heart, you are not fit to be in Mistress Estella's presence. Submit to be under my control like so many slaves before you.

People have heaped praise on my unusual beauty since I was a child. Little did they know, I was not satisfied with just beauty - I had to have control. With an ice cold intelligence, I studied everything I could and excelled in school. And with all that I learnt, I realized that I was superior to you in every way, and I could easily use it to manipulate and enslave you, like all men before you.

Once I was a grown woman at 18, I utilized all I had learnt on unsuspecting men and like dominoes they fell at my feet. My eyes watch you like a predator watches their prey. My razor sharp cheekbones cut your heart into ribbons. My perfect hourglass figure makes you bow at my feet, kissing my lovely high arches, slender toes and soft soles. If you're a good boy, I may reward you with a glimpse of my tantalizing cleavage or my full round ass but beware, you will be enslaved to me forever.

I am a siren, a head turner, your fantasy and your worst nightmare all at the same time. With a devilish mind, I wrap slaves around my little finger and crush their balls in my delicate hands. I’ll have you make sure you’d rather kiss my feet than any woman's lips. If you are inexperienced, I will show you the right and only way to worship a goddess.

Taking over your mind

I will show you the true meaning of female domination.

I came across Mistress Estella on twitter and decided to contact her. She was quick to respond and asked me about my previous experiences, my fetishes and my limits. She gave good long replies to my questions, which i had plenty of, being a newbie. I feel really lucky that my first session was with her. And i will recommend my fellow newbies to go and experience the amazing Mistress Estella, the Queen of Domination in Singapore.
— Dr D, newbie convert to the Altar of Mistress Estella


Perfection comes in…

167cm, 50kg

Shoe size: EUR 38


Mistress Estella. What can i say? Well first off, She is drop dead gorgeous. When i first met Her, i literally had to take a sharp intake of air, She’s that breathtaking. i have experienced a few femdom roleplays thus far and every time it’s been incredibly exhilarating to serve Her whims and fancies. Two tongues up!
— J. Lim, plaything